Maungaraki School reduces admin time with the help of Signmee

Maungaraki School is a full primary, family orientated school with breathtaking views and 280 students located on the Western Hills of the Hutt Valley. Keeping their parent community involved, advised and informed is very important to the school and they have chosen Signmee to help with their communication requirements. Maungaraki School currently achieves over 90% response rate to forms and notices sent home with the help of Signmee.

Forms that require a parent or caregiver’s signature are created and sent using Signmee, then tracked, received, completed, signed and returned - often within minutes. Automatic reminders can be scheduled to follow up any forms that haven’t been returned by a specific date and parents automatically retain a copy of any form they receive along with their completed information.

Maungaraki School have a busy schedule of events scheduled during the year and use Signmee to create and send forms to advise, obtain permission, collect payment and get volunteer support from parents and caregivers for students to participate in these activities.

These activities include -

  • Sports events
  • Sports team selection
  • Payments for events and excursions
  • EOTC excursions
  • Event bookings
  • Responsible use of ICT agreements
  • Staff love being able to see who has read and responded to the notice on their own Signmee dashboards and can easily read and download reports to aid administration.

    Parents receive school notices in a timely and readable way, without having to negotiate their way through their child’s school bag, and are able to respond immediately and retain a permanent copy of the notice and their response in their personal Signmee Inbox.

    Whilst schools have students’ general health and medical information recorded in their School Management System, Signmee’s medical form, that can be easily added to any notice, records information that is relevant to and timely for a particular outing or activity. This also ensures that the information is kept up-to-date. For example, if a student is taking antibiotics or has a cold that would preclude them from taking part in an activity at a camp or excursion this can be recorded when the parent completes the Signmee form and be available for the teachers supervising the particular event. Each time a parent receives a notice including the medical form, existing data for their child will be pre-populated. Parents are only required to update.

    Tania Potaka is Maungaraki School’s Bursar and Office Administrator and administers Signmee at the school. Tania says “we are a very busy school who are always looking for ways to streamline our processes, making things easier for parents and staff. Signmee takes the hassle out of communicating with families and gives us real time information on who has responded to notices. All staff can view the information, we can easily get reports and send reminders which reduces administration time. The use of Signmee supports our schools digital and environmental focus and has helped to improve communication channels.”