Monadelphous rapidly mobilise quality workforce for complex resource, energy and infrastructure projects with the help of IFS and Signmee

With approximately 5000 employees, Monadelphous is a leading Australian engineering group providing construction, maintenance and industrial services to resources, energy and infrastructure sectors.


  • 5000 strong employee pool to mobilise across more than 50 sites
  • Tracking and monitoring employee certifications
  • Adherence to safety and sercurity regulations for each project and site
  • 100's of flight itineraries to distribute for any given mobilisation
  • Regular last-minute changes to mobilisations


  • Signmee platform used to distribute bulk targeted Expression of Interest forms to select employees with accept decline functionality
  • IFS platform for systematic internal management and oversight of workforce mobilisations; rosters allocations, flight details, dates, sites, expertise, certifications.
  • Signmee platform for bulk distribution of personalised flight itineraries and mobilisation details via text message and email, with acceptance updated automatically in IFS
  • Signmee platform for communicating certifications requirements and regulations, and tracking individual employee compliance


  • 50% reduction in follow-up phone calls for each mobilisation with access to real time response data
  • 80% reduction in workload around the distribution of flight itineraries, from 5 minutes per contractor, to 5 minutes per group of contractors
  • $1000's saved through reduced mobilisation defaults, with better tracking of availability and receipt of critical information
  • Significantly faster search and retrieval of employee compliance documents