Waterloo school cuts paper use by 75% with Signmee

Waterloo School offers its 500 students a broad range of academic, sporting and cultural programmes. This includes a wide range of extracurricular learning opportunities including: kapahaka, choir, dance, guitar, drums, piano, violin, computer club, and a huge variety of sports.


  • Managing the creation, distribution, collection and collation of various response and payment forms for 500+ students
  • Maintaining consistent, professional branding on all communications sent home, with approved content and charges
  • Getting information to students in a timely manner
  • Meeting regulatory compliance around capturing and maintaining up-to-date student contact and medical data to use in the event of an emergency
  • Collecting school donations from as many families as possible to support the school programmes


  • Signmee platform used to create, send, collect and collate response data from parents and the school community
  • Signmee forms created in Signmee with standard school letterhead. All forms are reviewed by office administrators before being distributed, ensuring that the content and the charges are correct
  • All students and parents added to the Signmee contact list, tagged in groups for rapid distribution
  • Signmee platform for distributing school forms, with the option to sign/pay online. School can see who has opened school forms, and actively send reminders to parents who have not responded


  • 75% decrease in the volume of paper used in 2013 compared with 2015 when Signmee was fully implemented, dropping from 269 reams used in 2013, to only 67 reams used in 2015
  • Reduction in forms going out with incorrect fees and charges, and incorrect details/dates
  • Significant office administrator time saved by not having to stand at the photocopier
  • Reduced stress by not having to get paper notices to the classroom by 2:30 to handed out to students before the end of the school day
  • Fewer event clashes due to better visibility of all school events in Signmee
  • Clear audit trail of every school form sent/received/signed since introducing Signmee
  • No need for verbal follow-up
  • Reduction in paper litter
  • Multiple reminders sent at a press of a button