Spreydon School use Signmee in Emergency Situations

Signmee is the primary home/school communication channel for Spreydon School, Christchurch, New Zealand.

All parents receive communications and correspondence via their personal Signmee channel on a regular basis.

Recently Signmee was used during an emergency lockdown to keep parents informed about the situation at the school.

Emergency alerts were made through Signmee by text with a link to further information that is directed to the parents' personal Signmee Inbox. This enables schools to provide information and not tie up school phone lines or personnel, for example maps, procedures and contact details related to the emergency.

Signmee ensured the following:

  • Every parent was reached, with receipt tracking to monitor
  • Signmee ensured parents had a reliable channel directly with the school, thus avoiding misinformation
  • Timely communication to parents mitigated rumours and panic for parents
  • The school was able to target parents with lockdown information, ensuring the right people at the right time had the right information.

    Spreydon School Lockdown Review