Signmee for Aged Care and Care Homes

 Controlled communication for families, friends and carers

WhatsApp pus Signmee

Helping care homes with notifications and screenings during COVID pandemic

  • Manage expectations
  • Control risk
  • Reduce misinformation
  • Avoid alarm
  • Keep everyone safe
  • Reach target audience
  • Capture response
  • Capture sign-off
  • Maintain audit trail
  • Download data

Signmee for Aged Care



Centralised communication channel for easy tracking

Secure and private - image of lock


Secure, direct, private and timely communications

Contact list with mailing groups

Family links

Link between patient and entire family

two way communications


Two-way communications with response and sign-off

Templates - magic wand


Templates for efficiency, consistency and brand

Verified eSign - pen icon

Verified eSign

Verified e-Sign with Password and Bio Sign

Further Details

Smart phone with a copy of a signed COVID screening document

Why Signmee for Aged Care
Use Signmee to centrally manage communications around COVID-19, including:
- Flu Vac program (with bookings)
- Staff education and information sessions
- ‘Outbreak Management Plan’ sharing with staff, ensuring staff are aware of the plan and their roles (collect agreement and sign-off/acceptance)
- Letter to GPs

Screening with Signmee
Use Signmee to survey individuals entering sensitive settings such as RACFs. Capture and store declarations from individuals. View, fill and sign on any device - NO APP DOWNLOAD REQUIRED. Contact us to discuss -

Your Requirements
Talk to us about your current processes, and we will help you to move them online. Contact us to discuss.

More details:

Smart phone with copy of a COVID update notice for families and carers

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