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Authenticate and sign with Aadhaar OTP (Contact Us for Early Release)

Signmee is in the process of integrating Aadhaar OTP Authentication, which will be used to attest documents, and sign forms. This will be combined with a digital signature embedded in the document from licensed CA authority, ensuring that the signed document is legally binding in India.

Authenticating and signing with Aadhaar will be as simple as entering an Aadhaar number, followed by the OTP sent by the Aadhaar authority.

Who is it for? Schools for enrollment process, businesses for sending contracts to staff, customers and suppliers, NGO for managing member forms and many opportunities to implement Aadhaar Sign.

Aadhaar + Signmee Benefits

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Faster signing and submitting

All Aadhaar number holders will be able to complete forms, then submit with their Aadhaar number and a OTP that is sent to the registered number. Signmee will do the digital signing in the background via an approved digital certificate authority. Simple, fast, eSign.

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Multi-factor verification

All forms/documents signed via an Aadhaar+OTP will be digitally signed in line with the Information Technology Act 2000. Businesses can be confident that the person signing is actually who they say they are (given they have provided something they know, and something they have which is checked with the Aadhaar authority for authenticity). Biometric authentication may also become an option.

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Create, Send, Digi Sign

Any business using Signmee will be able to create forms which can be signed using Aadhaar + OTP authentication. These documents will be automatically 'digitally' signed once the OTP is entered and verified by the Aadhaar authority.

Further Details

Sending a bulk distribution of forms with Aadhaar eSign capabilities

Send to many
Signmee is specifically designed for managing a large number of contacts. Schools, business, NGOs can all use Signmee to manage and track forms - registration, update, orders, donations, consent. Organisations can be confident that the person signing is the intended authority to sign.

Managing your forms
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