Signmee for Sport Coordinators

 Removing the admin load from sports

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Sports Carnival manager for consent, medical, payments, event registrations and more.

Signmee makes it easy to manage sport carnivals, including swimming, athletics, cross country and more.

Collect permissions, participant details and payments (if required) for the entire school with ease.

Allow students and parents to register as participants / officials.

Download response reports to manage and sort competitors, officials and events.

Signmee Benefits for Sports Program

Event registration

Event registration and permissions

Create registrations forms for event sign up. If you have limited places, use Signmee's place eliminator, to set quotas on registrations. Download reports with a list of participants, to help with event management.

Flag waving - winners

Manage officials

Send forms to parents to collect expressions of interest for officiating roles. Create a form with limited places for officials to ensure that roles are not oversubscribed.

Manage performance cast and crew

Manage Payments and Entry

Collect charges for buses, entry, participation, spectators. Identify how many people will be involved in the event, to support the management process.

Further Details

Sample Swimming Form (details section)

Swimming Permission Form Sample

Sample Place Eliminator

Select Events -  places are eliminiated once selected

One form for everything
Create one form to capture medical information, event selections, parent consent and even collect payment if required.

Signmee for your school
Tell us about your sport program, and we can assist you to create a selection of online forms to help automate and simplify the process. Contact us to discuss.

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