Signmee + Your Gateway

Connect with your contacts where they already are

Pay and auto-receipt in Signmee

We will integrate your gateway

Do you have a preferred payment method? Google pay? Amazon? You own bank? We are happy to integrate with your existing payment gateway where possible. Signmee will then allow you to build payment and response forms, to collect payments using your preferred gateway, and to provide automated receipting and payment reports.

Your Gateway + Signmee Benefits

Use a familiar gateway

Use a familiar gateway

If you have a gateway that you are comfortable using, we will work with that. This means that you do not need to set up new merchant accounts, and new systems. Simply use your existing gateways within Signmee forms.

Reporting and Receipting

Reporting and Receipting

When you integrate your gateway with Signmee, you can start to create and send payment forms in Signmee. You can track responses and payments, download reports and save time with auto-receipting.

Process forms


Signmee allows you to change the status of a signed/paid form. You can update the status to "Processed" or "In Transit" or a host of other statuses.

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