Signmee for School Events

Reach the entire school community

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Manage event participants - parents, students and the community

Signmee allows you to create registration forms for students, staff, parents, carers and the community. Easily track and manage participants. Collect payments and automatically receipt.

Send a communication to one contact, or to a large contact list. Place a link to a form on your website. Watch as the communications are opened and actioned rapidly.

Signmee for Events


Promote event

Use Signmee to promote event with students, staff and the community. Send images, videos, teasers. Track who has opened the communication. Include options to purchase tickets.

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Manage participants

Create forms for registering participants, managing helpers and support, organising transport and more. Create forms with limited places available, to easily manage volunteers or entries into events. Create schedules and more.

Payment cards


Signmee already comes with payment gateway integrations. Simply create a merchant account, and enter the account keys to start collecting funds.

Further Details

Volunteer Roster for Fundraiser BBQ and Cake Stall - Sample of a Signmee form with place eliminator

Sending to the Whole School
Signmee allows you to create one communication for the entire school, which can be distributed class by class for easy tracking and monitoring. A report of the entire set of responses can be downloaded in one single download, making it easier to manage all participants.

Sending the to Community
Signmee is not just a student system. Signmee can be used to send communications and forms to the community, which is perfect for major events. Send communications to promote events, followed by ticket order forms, or participation registration forms.

Volunteer sign up with Place eliminator
Events often require help from volunteers. Create volunteer sign up forms. Signmee also has a place eliminator feature, allowing you to fill rolls and then close them automatically once filled.

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