Signmee + Braintree (by PayPal)

Credit card pop-up within your forms for easy payments

Braintree pus Signmee - company logos

Credit card payment pop-up

Signmee has Braintree fully integrated, giving your contacts the option to pay with Credit Card.

Simply create a Merchant Account with Braintree and add the payment keys to Signmee to start creating payment forms.

Braintree + Signmee Benefits

Fill, sign and pay - credit card image

Fill, sign and pay

Braintree is fully integrated with Signmee. Braintree payment pop up will display without the user leaving the Signmee form. Once credit card details are entered and the user clicks pay/sign, the form and payment are instantly submitted, in a single transaction

Auto receipting

Auto receipting & reports

When a payment form is completed and paid via credit card (Braintree pop up), Signmee will automatically receipt the payee. Track payments on the Signmee dashboard, or download a detailed payment report, with itemised purchases.

Faster Open Rates

Set up Payments in Minutes

Signmee already comes with Braintree integration. Once you have a Braintree merchant account, it takes minutes to connect this to Signmee, allowing you to start creating and sending payment forms.

Further Details

Image of a Signmee form with the Braintree Payment Option selected - showing the Braintree Credit Card Facility

Adding Braintree to Signmee
Contact Braintree to set up a Braintree Merchant account. This may take a few days, as Braintree will conduct a Know Your Customer check before approving the merchant account. Once approved, you can add your Braintree Merchant keys to Signmee.

For details visit: Setting up Braintree in Signmee

Creating Payment Forms
Signmee payments forms can be used for uniform orders, event ticketing, product sales and much more. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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