Signmee + WhatsApp

Connect with your contacts where they already are

WhatsApp pus Signmee

Immediate, personal messaging in bulk

Messaging is now the preferred communication channel, so Signmee is helping businesses to connect with contacts where they prefer.

Signmee delivers important communications/forms/notifications to your contact in multiple channels, including WhatsApp chats.

Send a communication to one contact, or to a large contact list. Watch as the communications are opened and actioned rapidly.

WhatsApp + Signmee Benefits

Faster Open Rates

Faster Open Rate

Messaging open rates are as high as 98%, with rapid response times of around 90 seconds. Email open rates are around 20%, with response times closer to 90 mins. This makes WhatsApp the preferred channel for reaching your contacts during an emergency, or when you expect an urgent reply.

Private and Secure - locked

Private and Secure alerts

WhatsApp automatically protects messages with end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and the receiver of the message can read what is sent. Even WhatsApp can't read them.

Rapidly deploy image of a clock

Deploy Rapidly

Signmee already comes with WhatsApp integration. There is no need for you to set up your own business account, or to manage contacts within WhatsApp. Signmee makes all this simple. Start sending now.

Further Details

Image of the home screen on a phone - WhatsApp alert from Signmee and Messenger alert from Signmee

WhatsApp Push Notifications and Messages
Set up Push Notifications for WhatsApp (or Messenger). When a communication is sent to the contact, they will receive a Push Notification from WhatsApp (or messenger), with a link to .

DETAILED WhatsApp Messages
Detailed content can be added to a message rather than just an alert. Contact us to discuss -

Signing/giving consent in WhatsApp
Do you want your contacts to view and reply/sign within WhatsApp. Contact us to discuss.

More details:

Signmee Knowledge Base - Opt in to WhatsApp Alerts in Signmee

WhatsApp open on a phone whith Signmee alert

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