Signmee + BPAY

Connect with your contacts where they already are

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Low cost payment option

Signmee has integrated BPAY to allow your contact to pay using Internet Banking (Australia Only)

BAPY is also one of the most cost effective payment options for your business, with low transaction fees.

BPAY + Signmee Benefits

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Cheaper payment charges

Payment gateway facilities can charge up to 3% per transaction. By integrating BPAY, those charges will be minimal, meaning more money for your organisation/business/school.

Auto receipts

Track payments & reporting

When a payment form is completed and paid via BPAY, your business can use the Signmee .

Set up payment forms in minutes

Set up Payments in Minutes

Signmee already comes with Airpay integration. Once you have an Airpay merchant account, it takes minutes to connect this to Signmee, allowing you to start creating and sending payment forms.

Further Details

Copy of a Signmee form showing the BPAY facility

Setting up BPAY in Signmee
Signmee already comes with BPAY integrated. Simply add your Biller Code to Signmee, and this will display for your contacts when they are ready to make a payment on a Signmee form. You can load your Contacts BPAY Reference Number (if you have one), or we can generate a Reference Number for your contacts when they go to make a payment.

Paying with BPAY in Signmee
If a user selects BPAY as the payment option, a Biller Code will display, as well as a reference number

More details:

Signmee Knowledge Base - Watch a video on BPAY setup

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