Signmee for Schools in India

 Reach parents with ease

WhatsApp pus Signmee

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging for Response and Sign Off

Reach parents in WhatsApp. Allow parents to view, fill, pay and sign on their smart phone, without the need to download an app. Simple, connected schools, keeping parents informed

Use Signmee for enrolment forms, fees, student data forms, attestations, medical forms, sport and event sign-up and consent forms, staff forms, parent teacher interview booking forms, uniform orders, general notifications, COVID forms, emergency alerts and much more.

Signmee for Schools Benefits

Easy to read

Easy to read

Signmee forms are responsive web forms. These forms display clearly on a PC, and will also resize to fit to a hand-held device such as a smart phone or a tablet. Form fields, check boxes and the signature panel all resize to fit the device, making it the easiest way for parents and the community to read, fill, pay and sign.

Faster Open Rates

Any form

Schools can start with Signmee templates, or create forms from new. All forms based processes can be transitioned to fully digitsed online forms, including Enrolments, Information for prospective students, fee and registration forms, medical forms, excursion forms, sport and event forms, staff forms, teacher interview schedules (built in schedule feature), uniform/lunch/book/fundraising order forms, general notices and comms, emergency alerts

Faster Open Rates

End to End Processing

Signmee forms can be created, distributed (to one or many), tracked, filled, signed, paid, auto-invoiced, downloaded (individual or bulk response data) and processed, I.e. Approved, declined...etc. All of this related to a single form, accessible to the school and the parent/recipient.

Further Details

Home schooling student with books

Looking after your community

WhatsApp & Messenger Push Notifications and Messages
Set up Push Notifications for WhatsApp (or Messenger). When a communication is sent to the contact (parents, students, staff), they will receive a Push Notification from WhatsApp (or messenger), with a link to the form.

Make life easier
Your contact are most likely to read/respond/sign via their phone. Signmee makes it easy to read, reply and store on any device. Let Signmee help you shift away from PDF and documents that are not smart phone friendly.

An Inbox for Everyone
Every parent/carer is given an Inbox to receive communications from the school. Each parent has their own Inbox, with the ability to see communications for all children

More details:

Showing what a PDF notice looks like on a phone

PDF documents are not designed for phones. Switch to Signmee responsive digital forms and communications today, to make life easier for your contacts.

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