Signmee + Office Use Only

Form processing made easy. Simple workflow creation.


End to end workflow in Signmee

This feature will allow schools to process signed forms. This feature has been added for schools to manage many typical workflows, for example:

  • Technology equipment loans and agreements (agree, issue equipment, return equipment)
  • Music equipment loans and agreements
  • COVID permits and agreements (sign permit, and have it approved)
  • Payments and orders (Receive payment, distribute product to parent, notify parent the product is 'In transit', 'Available for pickup'...etc)
  • General processing, where a signed form needs to be approved once signed (E.g. Student leave requests forms, staff request forms)

Signmee Form Processing Stamps including paid, signed, returned, available for pick up, approved, declined, delivered, issued, in transit and processed

Office Use Only + Signmee Benefits

End-to-end online transaction - image of globe / internet symbol

End-to-end online transaction

Once a form is submitted and signed, it can then be processed, by setting a status, auto-stamping the form and notifying the person who signed that the form status has changed.

Multiple status updates

Multiple status updates

Signmee Office Use Only section allows for multiple status changes. You may start by setting the form to 'Issued', followed by 'Returned'. An audit of each status update is visible to the business and to the person who signed.

Faster Open Rates

Visibility for everyone

By managing the status of a process in Signmee, you can be sure that everyone has visibility of a process, and the current status. Everyone has real-time visibility of process updates.

Further Details

iPad with an alert saying - Approved, IssuedComputer with Signmee form which is Signed, Paid and processed - Issued and Approved

Processing Forms
Schools/business now have an Office Use Only section at the top of all distributed forms. Change the status of a signed form to process.

Automatically notify the form signer that the status has changed (original form is updated and stamped).

Signing/giving consent in WhatsApp
One form can have any number of statuses assigned over time. A status update audit trail is available on the form for the school and the parent. More details and to discuss your current processes, contact

More details:

Signmee Knowledge Base - Opt in to WhatsApp Alerts in Signmee

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