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Office Use Only processing, Messenger and WhatsApp mailer

Why Signmee?

Use Signmee in times of crisis to collect and share accurate, targeted & timely info with large groups.

Use Signmee to manage COVID-19 declarations and forms, permits and permit processing, remote schooling equipment loans and much more.

Signmee helps schools, business and organisations:

  • Manage Expectation
  • Control Risk
  • Reduce Misinformation
  • Avoid Alarm
  • Keep Everyone Safe
  • Capture Response
  • Capture Sign-Off
  • Capture Payments
  • Manage Requests and Approvals

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Forms & Agreement Manager

Connecting People Online

Signmee Key Features


through WhatsApp, email, SMS to reach contacts

An inbox on any device

A business dashboard

to track all communications. Opened, signed and declined.

An inbox on any device

An inbox

for every form recipient. Easy to access, sign and store!

An inbox on any device

Instant reports

with all response data collated. APIs to transfer data.

An inbox on any device

Signmee for Schools

Home schooling student with books

Signmee is used by schools to collect and manage responses and consent. Signmee is also used to help families stay connected to the school.

Schools use Signmee for enrolment forms, fees, student data forms, medical forms, sport and event sign-up and consent forms, staff forms, parent teacher interview booking forms, uniform orders, general notifications, COVID forms, emergency alerts and much more.

Signmee for Business & Organisations

Signmee is used by business to share information and to capture response and sign-off from employees, staff and suppliers.

Signmee makes it easy for business contacts to reply and sign online.

Replying on different devices

Signing Forms

1. Fill


Open a form and complete the sections that need a response.

2. Sign


Once complete add a password and click the Sign button.

3. Pay


Provide banking details (E.g. Credit Card, Net Banking) and click Make Payment button.

4. Store


Your document is now signed, paid and submitted.

Sample forms and comms

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Form builder

Rapidly build forms with content, repose fields, attachments, payments and signature panel.

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Contact list

Load one or more contacts to contact list. Send forms to individuals or groups for response and sign off.

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Tracking and audit

Monitor forms with Signmee tracking. Audit trail monitoring of forms’ senders, date sent, recipients, opens, sign off and decline rates.

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e-Fill, e-Pay, e-Sign, e-Process

Recipients receives an email or text alert from Signmee with a link to the form. Fill, pay and sign on any device.

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BioSign and Security

Signmee has Cipherise fully integrated to increase account security for senders and recipients. Use a fingerprint or FaceID for quick, verified sign-off.

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Senders can access a host of ready-made reports for individuals or groups. These include summary report of responses, detailed response report with collated form data, payment reports and more.

Getting Started

Getting started
Register and create a business account
Getting started
Create form from new, copy or template
Getting started
Send to one contact or a group
Getting started
Receive, fill and sign on any device
Getting started
Track and store
Getting started
Download reports

Authenticate and Sign

Signmee now has Cipherise fully integrated. Cipherise is an app that lets you log into a service easily and more securely with your phone.

Cipherise allows you to sign your Signmee documents quickly on your phone using a fingerprint or FaceID. Not only is this easier than remembering a password, but you can also ensure that it is definitely you signing your forms.

Signing a document with Cipherise
Sign a document with Cipherise

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